Tips for Digital Downloads

Many of the downloadable products on this store are PDF files (Portable Document Files). Here are some tips concerning purchasing and using these items.

Downloading Digital documents

Typically, web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc) will automatically place a downloaded file in the downloads folder of your web browser. If you have not directed the downloaded file to a particular place on your computer, please check the downloads folder on your web browser.

Download Restrictions

Please note the size of each digital file that you wish to download (including the total amount of data your purchase represents). If you have download size restrictions on your internet connection, please check carefully to ensure that your download connection will allow you to download the particular item you wish to purchase. The size of files that you are permitted to download is beyond our control. It is not our responsibility if you have purchased an item of a size that is not permitted by your internet connection.

Reading PDF documents

Our digital downloads are PDF files (portable document files). We recommend opening and reading the reports in Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here:


When you wish to print a report, print from Adobe Reader. When you press print, the printer screen will appear. We recommend that you select ‘Portrait’ from Orientation in the printer window. This will ensure that 1 page of the report will be printed onto 1 A4 page.