The Purpose of Education: Perspectives from Mātauranga Māori

The Purpose of Education: Perspectives from Mātauranga Māori

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A report written in 2005 by Charles Royal for the Ministry of Education. This report is a ‘think piece’. It presents views developed by the author based upon his interpretations of certain aspects of mātauranga Māori. The report is not an exhaustive study of these topics nor are the ideas contained in this report intended as policy proposals. Rather the report presents a number of ideas for discussion and some of these ideas are more fully developed than others. Additionally, the author does not claim expertise in the field of education theory and practice – although he has some experience with these activities - and this report has not been examined through peer review.

The report is introduced by a discussion concerning aspects of the education journey in the life of an individual. This introduction presents certain features of the education journey which strike the author as being especially important and which will assist the reader when considering various interpretations of aspects of mātauranga Māori that are presented later in the report. Additionally, the report includes a discussion of ‘Māori education’ and contrasts the theme of ‘Māori development’ with that pertaining to mātauranga Māori. Finally, the introduction discusses the contemporary education of Māori males. It is his view that particular attention now needs to be paid in New Zealand education to the education of males generally and Māori males specifically.

The traditional mātauranga Māori perspective concerning the purpose of education can be summarised as follows:

The purpose of education is to facilitate the flow and experience of mana in the individual and in his/her community. The ‘fullness’ of life was considered to be a function of the degree and quality of mana at play in a person’s life. The outward expression of mana in the life of the individual is evidenced not only in their skills, attributes and talents – expertise and skill is widely celebrated – but finally in their ‘spiritual authority’, their intuitive and wisdom filled knowledge and insight of knowing what, when, how and why to do something.

1.0 Introduction 

1.1 Mātauranga Māori
1.2 The Ministry of Education review of ‘Marautanga o Aotearoa’
1.3 Acknowledgements

2.0 Thinking about ‘Education’

2.1 Features of the Education Journey
2.2 The Learning Moment
2.3 Some Reflections upon ‘Māori Education’
2.4 ‘Māori Development’ and Mātauranga Māori: A View
2.5 Distinguishing ‘mātauranga Māori’ from ‘Māori studies
2.6 A Note about the education and maturation of Māori males

3.0 Aspects of the Te Ao Mārama worldview

3.1 Worldview
3.2 Developing an Interpretation of Traditional Concepts
3.3 Mana, Tapu and Mauri
3.4 Mana, Tapu and Mauri in the world
3.5 Mana, Tapu, Mauri and the Person
3.6 The Maturation of the Individual
3.7 Tupu: The Growth of the Person
3.8 Piki: the bird of the spirit takes flight 

4.0 The Education Journey

4.1 Education and the Maturation of the individual
4.2 Titles employed in the traditional whare wānanga
4.3 Traditional Models of Curriculum Design and Arrangement
4.4 Reflecting upon experiences at Te Wānanga-o-Raukawa
4.5 ‘State of Being’ Education
4.6 Towards Pedagogy
4.7 Curriculum Design and the worldview of a people


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The Purpose of Education: Perspectives from Mātauranga Māori
By Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal
Unpublished Report

Digital download, PDF file, 519KB.
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